Luke Newman:

It’s hard to believe that in 2015, I started my CrossFit career, truth be told, I never really wanted to take part. I was an Obstacle Course racer which at my peek, took part in International and world level competitions.

But after some gentle persuasion from the guys at Beowulf I started my On-Ramp and it’s safe to say from then on I was hooked! Since then, I have been lucky enough to become a coach, team up with Rip Into and compete in CrossFit with a few podium finishes.


Danielle Berry:

Being a mam and working in an accountants fulltime i need a release and was flitting between gyms for several years until Ian mentioned CrossFit just over a year and a half ago.

I absolutely love the atmosphere and friendliness of our gym. The coaches are great and I’ve never loved training so much, hence my massive appetite for RIPINTO gear.


Agata Herbert :

Agata is one of the leading Crossfit athletes and Olympic Weightlifters in the UK with multiple podium wins. She has a strong background in sports, having played basketball at national level in Poland for many years. Making the switch to CrossFit, Agata has been training and competed since 2013.

In recent years Agata competed twice on the CrossFit Sanctionals stage as an Elite individual. She is currently preparing for the new season


Joanne Smith:

I’m Jo Smith, 40 years old. I’m an ultra running, cross fitter.

I got into running after having my 2nd child and needed a challenge loved going out on the trails, after reaching my goal of running a 100 mile race I needed another challenge, friend suggested CrossFit and I was hooked after my first class.

Love the feeling of being pushed to your limits on every workout and you can see improvements everytime.


Joanne Duval:

I got involved in crossfit in April 2018 mainly to push myself more.

The best thing for me is there are endless goals to achieve. I’m stronger both mentally and physically and that is down to the amazing CrossFit boxes I’ve been lucky enough to train at.

Rip into apparel hit a chord with me with their slogan #strongerthanyesterday it’s my motto in all that I do plus I love their clothing range. I’m extremely proud to be an ambassador for them.


Linsday Mifsud:

Hi! I’m Lindsay – AKA Miff!

I started Crossfit almost 5 years ago after being an avid runner most of my life, and a gym goer for a number of years. I found CrossFit when I was at a fairly low point in my life and I genuinely believe it increased my mental health drastically.

I feel super grateful to be sponsored by Rip Into as their kit is always so comfortable, looks great, squat proof and the leggings don’t roll down when you’re doing burpees!